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Rapid advancement in technology coupled with the competition triggered by the entry of multiple players into the telecom arena has been instrumental in making long distance calls both easy to make and low cost in comparison to the high cost and bother associated with long distance calling in the past. Cheers Dial the revolutionary long distance calling solution from Cheers the pioneer in alternate telecom services is a good example of this advancement. If for instance you are looking to make cheap international calls to Pakistan, Cheers Dial lets you do so without the need for opening an account, buying a call card, using your credit card, buying additional equipment or bearing a start up fee. Simply dial the access code to Pakistan provided by us, you would soon hear a prompt, now go ahead and dial your destination number including any code as you would normally do and your call would be through.

Cheers Dial calls leverage the power of today's advanced telephony to bring you unmatched low rates for the country you are calling coupled with great voice quality to give you the ultimate calling experience. As a low cost calling solution Cheers Dial suits both the one off caller and those who make international calls frequently. Cheers dial calls come at uniform rates for calls made from your land lines at home or in the office both during peak and off peak hours, if you are using a mobile phone you would still be enjoying the low cost call to Pakistan that Cheers Dial brings you, however the mobile operator may charge you marginally for his services in some cases. How does Cheers we manage to give you such a significant cost advantage? Very simple, when you are using Cheers Dial for your Cheap Calls to Pakistan you are charged for your call to the Cheers Dial access number and not for the destination number you dial subsequently. In other words you make an international call but end up paying the cost of a local call?

Is that not a smart way to make your cheap calls to Pakistan or any world destination? Just go ahead prefix the Cheers Dial country code and make your cheap calls to Pakistan without bothering about the cost; come experience the difference in international calling with Cheers Dial, long distance calling cannot get any better than this!!

Please find the best call rate to Pakistan using the Cheers Dial quick rate table for world destinations below

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ONE Low flat rate (24x7)
No Phonecards to purchase
No PIN number required
No Extra phone bills
No Account to open
No Pre-Payments
No Expiry date
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